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Six months of Eye tracking trial

Adam Son Tran has been trying the S2 Eye tracker for 6 months. He is sharing his experience.

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Eye tracking Experimentation

Alexander Lee our now collaborator will share with you his experimentation of the Eye tracker during this month .

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StarTale and Eye tracking

Here is a short interview of Bomber (StarTale).

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Review of the Lone Star Clash 2

Let's see how the MG tech team integrated the eye tracking technology at the Lone Star Clash 2

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Over the past years Mirametrix has built, improved and developed the S2 Eye Tracker as well as its software to offer applications for Neuro-Marketers, psychologists, designers, even for military and of course for you gamers. We wondered: If fighter pilots can practice to improve their rapidity and accuracy with our Eyetracker during training

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