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October 22, 2012

The revolution of E-Sport: A new tool never seen before at TeSPA

At the occasion of the partnership between Mirametrix Gaming and the Lone Star Clash 2 we decided to create an article about it.

Why? Because this year, the event will be really special and unique. After this event E-sports as we know it will never be the same.

But before going further and explaining why this event will revolutionize E-sports forever, let’s talk a bit about the Lone Star Clash.

The TeSPA (Lone Star Clash) is an event created in 2010 held in Texas which gathered almost 2,000,000 gaming fans last year. The media coverage was pretty huge with 97 Reddit posts, 68 news articles, 120 youtube videos and over 4,000,000 web hits (Team Liquid). The event hosted two parallel brackets: a 16-person professional player invitational event boasting a $10,000 prize pool and a 14-university collegiate star league bracket with a $1,500 prize pool. The best players on earth were there to give us beautiful confrontations presented by Rachel Quirico. The usual sponsors were there: Benq, Ttesports, Alienware, TwitchTv, campus2 careers, BuildASign or Rackspace.

This year the TeSPA is back and stronger than before. The organizers expect to double the number of stream views, hours of content and web hits. In other words the Lone Star Clash this year will be:

-4,000,000 total stream views

-2,000,000 hours of content viewed

-200,000 max concurrent viewers

-8,000,000 web hits

The hosts expected are: Sean Plott (Day 9), John Bain (Totalbiscuit), Alex Rodriguez (Axeltoss), Rachel Quirico (Seltzer)

Some of the expected players are: Stephano, Babyknight, Violet, Thorzin, Ret, Crank, Major, Hawk, STC To see more, check out http://www.teamliquid.net/forum/viewmessage.php?topic_id=374359

This year TeSpa has gathered prestigious partners such as: Tt esports, Riot games, XSplit, At&T, Redbull, Alienware, Benq, Twitch, Day 9 Tv, LynxSquare Obutto and of course Mirametrix Gaming.

So why is the event so special this year?

This year we will be bringing 6 eye trackers to the event, hoping to spark a revolution in how E-sports are covered and analyzed.

What exactly will eye tracking bring to E-sports?

Eye tracking is a highly precise tool that enables Pro Gamers to see exactly what they are looking at in real time and during their replay. This gives them new features never before seen in E-sports such as: LPM (Looks per minute) on the mini-map, resources, data, stats graph, heat-maps of their gaze and much more…

Teams like Quantic and vVv-gaming have tested it for months and agree that this is an exceptional personal trainer for both Pro and casual gamers.

So far we have enjoyed watching E-sports and we lived beautiful and intense moment during tournaments. But now E-sport is moving on to the next step with eye tracking. Commentators will be able to base their analysis on more concrete data and to compare the gaze of gamers in real time. With eye tracking E-sports will become highly accurate.

For the first time ever eye tracking will be brought to an E-sport event to give to gamers a unique experience, and offer them what they’ve always wanted: to see through the eyes of the best existing players.

To live this revolution together be there 10-11th November either by booking your tickets (if you are lucky enough to be in Texas http://tespa.org/lsc2/tickets/) or by watching it on TwitchTV (the link will be given when needed).