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Interview with Complexity gaming about Eye tracking

December 4, 2012


Jimmy Kidd, Agent at Mirametrix Gaming recently interviewed QXC Riley of the Complexity team who tested the S2 eye tracker during the Lone Star Clash 2.

First of all, when you first heard that Eye tracking software and hardware was to be used for LSC, what were your initial thoughts?

I didn’t actually know the eye tracking software was being used until I got to the venue at which point I thought it was interesting, but not really sure what for.

When you used the Eye tracker, how did it feel? Was it a natural addition, or was it uncomfortable at all?

The device didn’t impact my play in any way and was barely noticeable during the game itself.

Let’s talk stats. Did the stats that the Eye tracker provided help or hurt your opinion of your play, and as a pro gamer, what does it tell you about other players?

They didn’t really provide us with a breakdown of stats. Obviously I saw it some after the games of other players but I didn’t really think too hard about what conclusions I could draw from it.

 Do you think this addition of technology would be at home at bigger tournaments, such as MLG or the like?

I see the eye tracking as an amusing gimmick based on my experiences from the Lone Star Clash (LSC). It was kind of cool to see where people were looking but since I never got a comprehensive and a longer than a few seconds time to actually look at the stats I don’t really have anything to say about that.

As the eye tracker – at least the way it was used at LSC- appears to be primarily targeted towards the spectators and not the pro gamers perhaps asking one of their perspectives would be more useful than my own. I’m sorry I couldn’t be more helpful.

Is there anything in particular you would want to see as a pro gamer in the field of Eye tracking? Something like receiving a write-up of your stats?

I suppose just a comprehensive 2-3 pages that was delivered to the player after each game with the associated replay would be useful. Most of the analysis players do is going to be after the event and without the replay in question it would be hard to use the eye tracking software. I’m not sure exactly what stats you collect – but compiling it all and making sure the player actually receives it would go a long way toward making players appreciate the software as more than a trick but rather as a way to analyze/improve their play from a new angle.


Jimmy Kidd

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