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StarTale and Eye tracking

December 6, 2012

Today, I interviewed the Lone Star Clash 2 semi-finalist Startale Bomber, and his experience with the Mirametrix Eye Tracker!


Jimmy “Oberkapo” Kidd : Hi, first, thank you very much for this, it is awesome!  Did you hear about eye tracking at Lone Star before you arrived? What did you think about it?

StarTale_Bomber: Hello. Thanks for cheering me and my team. Yes, I knew about that tracking system. I was just curious and was wondering how it worked.

Oberkapo: When you used the eye tracker, was it uncomfortable? Did you notice you were using it?

Bomber: No, it caused me no difficulty or harm. I did not notice it when I was playing so it didn’t matter

Oberkapo: The statistics the eye tracker provided, were they helpful? How could you use them to be a better player?

Bomber: I did not understand their explanations about the general set up so unfortunately I don’t know very well how it worked.

Oberkapo:  How could we improve the system? Would you like to see it other places like MLG?

Bomber: I can’t give any tips on how to improve the system for the reasons explained above but I hope to see this technology more often because I think it has a great value for players and spectators.


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Jimmy Kidd

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